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Bra Poverty

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Sometimes we complain about the things we have the power to change.

For years I've complained about my undergarments and last night I actually did something about it. As much as I encourage others to practice self-care I am guilty of self neglect in this particular area.

Photo by Camil Potts

A Shady Bra

A good bra is a staple in a women's wardrobe. And a shady bra can make you feel like your world is privately unraveling. An unreliable bra can influence your posture, what you wear, how attractive or confident you feel, and even alter what you decide to do throughout your day.

That got me thinking about how unresolved internal issues impact how we show up in the world.

Change Starts Within

Is there something hidden within your heart that is hindering you from being your best self? If so, why complain, when you can change? If you change what's on the inside the outside will follow.

Enlist Expert Help

If you're living in bra poverty check out soma to get the "support" you need.

Notice & Nurture

If your heart is hurting and you are longing for a safe place to,

  • learn new skills

  • make new friends

  • heal from past hurts

  • be handled with care

The Notice & Nurture ladies' care group is the perfect place for your presence to be noticed and your relational needs to be nurtured. We meet remotely, so wherever you are, we can find you the support (group) that is the right fit for both you and your schedule.

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