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Jaden's 12th Birthday

This year I turned 12. I had the best birthday ever. My dad drove me to Altitude and we jumped for 3 hours! We did basketball, dodge ball, and just bounced. We jumped for so long that I went to sleep as soon as i got home when I woke up ate my favorite pizza which had sausage, bacon, and pepperoni on it.

Then we ate chocolate ice cream and a triple chocolate cake. I opened presents from my loving family. My mom got me paint supplies and a cool shirt. My dad got me a drone. Trinity got me a card, candy, and Takis and Amiya got me a chain necklace. My grandpa and grandma gave me a card. I love how everyone cares about me it makes me feel loved and happy.

I think the key to having a great birthday is have fun and be with the ones that you love. -Jaden

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