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Reginald's 11th Birthday Blog

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

For my birthday I am happy and scared. I always try not to laugh at my brothers when they sing my birthday song. Because they smile and talk at the same time. In short, my birthday makes me feel: proud and good.

I love my family especially my mom and dad because they give me what I need to move forward. And they provide me with food and shelter and I love my brothers. We can agree and get really mad but sooner or later we apologize and hug it out. It's the same thing with my sisters but we don’t argue a lot.

Also, I really love my cousins, grandpa, grandmas, aunts and all of them because each birthday or Christmas they give us stuff so I love them all and I hope I get to visit them really soon after corona is over.

My favorite fruit is a tomato. My favorite vegetables are the carrot and the celery. My favorite food so far is the hamburger.

My favorite toys are Beyblades, pokemon cards, and byakugan. My friends and I have made lots of friends. I cannot say their names because I don’t have right to say their name without their approval.

Last, on my birthday I see

  • cake

  • balloons

  • family

  • friends

  • presents

  • ice cream

  • laughter

That is what my birthday is like.

"Thanks for reading my birthday blog." -Reginald

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