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A Birthday Gift for My Dad

Hello everyone,

My Dad, Proverbalist, has been rapping for Jesus a very long time. His creative, wisdom filled lyrics are powerful. God has certainly blessed the works of his hands; enlaced with stories from the Bible and sound scripture references.

When I was nine years old he released a song titled, “What’s Your Price” on his Out Of Season Vol.2 Album. His songs are well versed, and they tell always tell a story. Every time I heard “What’s Your Price” I could visualize the scene in my head. It’s an inspiring song. It’s visual, whimsical, and truthful all at the same time.

I wanted to someday bring these lyrics to life within my art; to create at least a portion of what I can see clearly in my head. I have drawn and created many flip animations and posts for God’s glory. This month, as of 2020, a decade since “What’s Your Price” was released, I wanted to put what I’ve learned from creating mini animations to use. Dad’s birthday is also in August so I figured a post this time around would be so nice!

This took a lot of time, and was fun but equally a challenge: I have never animated anything longer than two minutes, let alone one. So, I decided not to use too many colors. I also figured that this could give the video an older feel, and would fit with the release date of the song, as well as my cousin, 2Mindz’ beat. I even chose to reuse some of the slides to save time, and also had to cut some slides to even out the flow.

God is so good and his timing is so perfect because it was awesome to see this dream come to life within the month I had intended. Dad didn’t know about any of this, and everything worked out greater than planned! My sister, Amiya did a video of him that recorded his reaction. She will be sure to share that when she's finished editing.



"I see what you're selling and I'm just not buying it. I'm sold out for Christ because what He did is priceless."

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