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The Table That Dad Built

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Big families need big tables. Farmhouse tables are a perfect fit. But finding one for a decent price can be difficult.

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In 2017, I started searching for the perfect sized table for our family. When I saw that the price for a quality farmhouse table ranged anywhere between $1,000-$15,000. I closed my laptop, grabbed a magazine, and a pair of scissors, then cut out a picture of a farmhouse table to post on my vision board.

Let's Table the Table

I would occasionally mention how a farmhouse table would be a perfect fit for our family. And my husband wouldn't respond.

Because he wanted to build me a table.

How the Tables Turned

Each year, I do a vision board in the month of January. I then hang it on a wall and treat it like a poster in a teenager's room. As my friends ooh and ah at my dreams and aspirations. I pretty much ignore it's existence. Unless something amazing happens and I think to myself, "I wonder if this was on my vision board?" Each year, I am blown away by how many things on my vision board actually come to pass. By the time the last quarter of the year arrives, I am overwhelmed by God's goodness, grateful for His generosity, and truly excited to forecast my new vision for the upcoming year.

2017, was a great year and as far as I was concerned, I was good. By the time December rolled around, I didn't want for anything. My family was in perfect health, my husband and I had just returned from a tropical getaway, and I couldn't think of anything in particular that I desired for my birthday (Dec 29th). One day my husband casually said, "I'm going to build you a farmhouse table." I was completely caught off guard, and my initial thoughts were, "Oh no! Our house is about to be covered in sawdust, and we are hosting a breakfast on January 1st." I had long sense forgotten about my aspirations of owning a big table for our little big family.

Rustic Romance

He built it. I painted it. And we made precious memories throughout the process.

On December 31st, 2017, as we were cleaning debris and decorating our new table, I thanked my husband for being so thoughtful, and for making me such a beautiful table. He said, "Babe, this table was on your vision board." I responded, "Whatever boy, quit playing!" He said, "Yeah, go look." I smiled and kept sweeping. A few minutes later, he walked in the room with my vision board and pointed to a little magazine clipping of a farmhouse table. The next day we hosted our annual Big Family Breakfast and informed our guests of our goal to break bread with as many people as that table could hold. Each year the amount has doubled.

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