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Our Lives Shatter Movie Premiere

Hey! My name’s Amiya, I am a 17 year old filmmaker and I had the honor of being on a podcast for my upcoming short film. When I was 13 God revealed to me my future in cinematography. Since that age I have put in a lot of work to become better at what I love to do.

I started a YouTube channel and published my first short film, “The Gift of History” at the age of 14. The fact that I’ve come so far to where people would want to interview me about my latest project, amazes me. I thank God for the opportunities that he’s laying out for me.

Now, my YouTube has over 150+ subscribers, which to some people isn’t a lot, but to me it’s a blessing and an honor. If you want to know more about my latest project, I have posted a trailer for the short film on my YouTube channel, Mighty Miya Productions.

The premiere date for the actual short film will be on Saturday, September 19, 2020, at 8:00 pm CST. I really just want people to hear and see the message that is behind this film. To those who have supported me, thank you. To those of you who would like to support, please watch and share. If no one has told you lately, your likes, shares, and subscriptions matter. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join me on my film journey.

"Like, share, subscribe and join the mighty tribe!" -Mighty Miya

I also launched my own business. Anyone can run a business, but not everyone has a hustler's heart. I was born with a hustler's heart. If you wish to support, check me out on IG at Mighty Anklets.

"Anyone can run a business but not everyone has a hustler's heart!" -Amiya Poplar

God recently answered a huge prayer for me. I got accepted into Isabelle Academy of Film and Creative Arts! 2020 has derailed many of my plans, but it hasn't deterred my dreams. My Senior year doesn't look anything like I thought it would, but it's more surprising than I ever would've imagined. I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and make God proud.

To find out more about Isabelle Academy of Film & Creative Arts follow us on IG & Tiktok! @isabellebrosacademy These pictures were taken separately with extra safety measures and merged. Please wear your masks & distance!

"When it's your time to speak, what are you going to say?" -Amiya Poplar

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