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Tales of the Forest

On October 23, 2020, I turned 18. Honestly, when I was younger, I used to dream about days when I would be 18 and able to drive and do my own thing. I even thought I would've been out of the house with my own place by this age when I was younger and I couldn't wait for the day. Later on in life, of course, reality hit and change my perspective of things. The reality is, I'm I'm not where I thought I would've been when I was younger, but that's perfectly okay because I love where I am.

I love who I am now and of course, there is time for me to change but I learned to be who I am in the moment because time really does fly. It's important that you enjoy who you are and where you are. I'm so thankful for my family and friends and the gift that God has blessed me with.

This year for my birthday, I didn't do the usual party or hang out with friends or go out to dinner. This year I decided to give a gift to myself and create a film. With the help of my friends I created, "Tales of the Forest." It was shot, edited, directed and produced by me, in one day. So of course, it's not perfect but I would love for you all to check it out on my "Mighty Miya Productions" YouTube channel.

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"It's important that you enjoy who you are and where you are."
-Amiya Poplar

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