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Amazing!!! God Given talent!

Jenny Owen Frith

Lyrical Beast! Your heart shines  through as bright as the lyrics to your songs.

Rosemary Sherrod

Demarcation is fire . . . He spittin' bars.

Carson Marks

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Melvin Poplar, also known by his stage name Proverbalist, is originally from Lansing, Michigan. He is a gospel rap artist.


The name "Proverbalist" is a combination of the biblical book "Proverbs" and the term "verbalist"-which describes someone who uses words skillfully. 


Proverbalist is a dedicated husband (married to his high school sweetheart) and a father of 6 children. His music reflects his journey toward becoming a godly husband and father while challenging young men to seek God's view on love, marriage, and fatherhood.

Together, he and his wife have been youth pastors, marriage counselors and, in 2007, have founded an abstinence

ministry known as Purity is power. In 2005, they began hosting a gospel rap accountability group, known as Rhymers for the Lord, that welcomed Christian rappers & Spoken Word artists.


Proverbalist released his self-titled debut album "Proverbalist" in 2004, "Out of Season Volume 1" in 2006, "Artillery" in 2008 and "Out of Season Volume 2" in 2010. His most recent project entitled "Demarcation" released in 2015. In 2016 Proverbalist was named Father of the Year.

When he's not writing you will find him working with his hands. You can check out some of his creations on his "Dadgineering" Youtube Channel.  


Proverbalist and his family reside in Huntsville, Alabama. 


A Message from Proverbalist:


"It's great that you want to know more about me.  But it's really not about me.  It's all about Jesus. 'For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth...' (Rom.1:16) Jesus changed my life and I know he can change yours.  If Christ is not Lord of your life, please know that no one is promised tomorrow.  Confess your sins and accept the sacrifice He made on the cross on your behalf.  Ask him into your heart and to cleanse your sins and give you eternal life.  Repent from sin and put your trust in Jesus.  Study His Word and be about the Father's business.