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Hello Creative Genius, Servant Leader, or Decision Maker,

I am an author, speaker, and coach who crafts custom workshops that cater to the unique needs of your situation, congregation, or organization. If you are in a rut, I’m here to give you permission to start or courage to accomplish your goal. If you are a pastor that knows your book is long overdue, allow me to be your literary midwife who aids you in giving birth to your book. If you are a thought leader searching for a speaker that will encourage your team to play nice, share, and use their manners, just know I’m a mom of six.


I’ve been referred to as an idea bank, paradigm shifter, thought partner, creative consultant, peacemaker, and my personal favorite “dot-dot” because I am a connector of dots. Whether your organization is large or small, I serve them all.

For the last 20 years, I’ve played double-dutch with my creative gifting and been back and forth between the ministry and the marketplace. I've accepted that I am called to both. Each time I speak my prayer is that people will get what they need from God and what they don’t know they need from one another. My superpower is helping individuals produce new ideas when they have hit a wall. I’m fearless in the face of discussing difficult subjects.  And I believe the best way to reduce racial bias, increase productivity, foster collaboration, or create better content is through leaning in, listening, and learning from each other. My goal is to help you stop waiting and start creating so you can finish well. 

As much as I enjoy fostering environments that bring people together in groups, I am aware of the occasional need to receive one-on-one guidance. Through Invest Your Life Ministries, I provide gospel-centered wisdom to individuals or couples.

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February 8th Huntsville, AL / The Spot 5045 N. Memorial Pkwy Ste. B 

February 11th, Huntsville AL / Diversity Dinner 405 Randolph Ave SE 

February 12th, Huntsville AL / Whitesburg Christian Academy

February 13th Huntsville, AL / Whitesburg Christian Academy

February, 28th Huntsville AL / Refresh Women's Retreat Pursell Farms

April 4th, Huntsville, AL/ The Maker's Table

April 14, Hunstville, AL/ Diversity Dinner 405 Randolph Ave SE

April 21st Huntsville, AL / Common Conversations

April 22nd, Huntsville, AL / Village of Promise

June 9th, Huntsville, AL/ Diversity Dinner 405 Randolph Ave SE

August 11th Huntsville, AL/ Diversity Dinner 405 Randolph Ave SE

October 13th Huntsville, AL / Diversity Dinner​ 405 Randolph Ave SE

December 8th Huntsville, AL / Diversity Dinner 405 Randolph Ave SE




"When Toya speaks her compassion, love, and wisdom for people and seeing them achieve their greatness is evident. Her words convey the message that she cares for all and wants to see the best in others." 

-Dr. Emanuel Waddell Associate Dean of the College of Science, The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

"Mrs. Poplar prepared a comprehensive plan of action that eliminated all of the guesswork. She did an incredible job of editing, publishing, and making sure my book made it to production on time and ahead of our projected deadline. Mrs. Poplar was able to guide me through the process pulling things out of me, that ensured our readers received substance and not fluff.  I highly recommend Mrs. Poplar for your endeavors and I will certainly utilize her services again."

-Pastor Steve Smith 

"Simply put, Stop Write There is a must-read! This book brilliantly casts light on the shadows that hold us back from being the person God created us to be.  Stop Write There will give you the permission to shine and courage to fight the good fight. It is a masterpiece and will remind you that you are too! Beautifully written, captivating, encouraging and illuminating, there is no other book like this!"  


-Our City On A Hill

"An incredible book that will take you to the next level. This will be the tipping point for those who are almost there that need that extra piece they've been missing. "Stop Write There" masterfully takes you chapter by chapter, shaping your character and thinking patterns to create incredible tools for growth."

-Jack Shocklee Music Producer Shae Shoc Records






"Each time Toya Poplar speaks, it's bittersweet, simply because the sweetness of her wisdom can't be bottled.  So I'm excited about the next best thing, her wisdom in writing. "Stop Write There" will only be bittersweet because the book will eventually end. That's when I simply encourage you to flip to the beginning of the book and read again."



Lisa McClendon-Brailsford

Singer, Speaker, Author


Kimberly Neely

Relational Educator

Bruce Martin

Life & Career Coach

Toya Poplar

Life Coach & Creative Strategist


Founded by author, speaker, Bible teacher, and hope expert, Bruce Martin. One of his greatest joys is helping individuals figure out what they do best and how to invest their lives in what matters most. 


Invest Your Life provides gospel-centered relational life coaching based on what you can afford. Some clients pay as little as $25.00, while others are able to pay $100. per session. You determine what you are able to pay.


We don't want anyone to fail to receive help because of finances. 

We believe in the power of the Gospel to change lives and we welcome you to partner with us in making our services available on a sliding scale. 

The staff at Invest Your Life Ministries are not licensed professional counselors, rather offer spiritual advice, and/or relational life coaching. We do not seek to provide therapy for mental illness or psychological disorders. However, we can refer you to a licensed professional counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist in our geographic area.

Our office is located downtown at 203 Eastside Square, 2nd Floor - Suite 10, Huntsville, AL 35801