An interactive journal that gives you permission to start and the courage to finish your creative ideas. Available in paperback and on Audible.
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Marital wisdom for wives and engaged women. This 1950's reboot encourages you to star in your own story. It is a self-care guide beckons you to take care of yourself while caring for everyone else.
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Learn to stay connected to your husband spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. The Wifey Workbook was created to go with the Wifey Workshops in-person course.

Love, love, love, it! This book is definitely an eye-opener. It has changed my thinking patterns for the better. It amazed me how this reading came right on time; it revealed everything in order that I had unanswered questions to in my life, along with Bible verses to back it up. After, reading this book "Stop Write There", you will truly value yourself, and be blessed. Toya you're a phenomenal woman of God, who shares the gift of creativity through different roles in your life. I'm proud to say you are my childhood friend. Keep up the Awesome work you do.

L. A.

Muskegon, MI