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I give Creatives permission to start and the courage to finish their creative ideas.

In case you are wondering how I do that, it's easy. I offer people creative support. Curious to know what that is? It's a technical name, (like tech support) that I made up to legitimize what I've been doing with my life over the last few years.


When people get stuck in a creative rut, they contact me, and I encourage them to stop waiting and start creating so they can finish.


I have the honor of working closely with a few non-profits and pastors on their projects. Some of the services I offer are retreat hosting, public speaking, content creation, and what I like to call "holy" ghostwriting.


I love white noise and inclement weather. I am a hopeless romantic. And I've cried on every episode of The Voice that I've ever watched.


I got bit by the publishing bug in the Second Grade, when a poem I wrote about a snowflake got published in my hometown newspaper, The Muskegon Chronicle. 


I still enjoy writing poetry, but my subject matter has shifted from writing about snowflakes to dispelling the myth that all Creatives are flaky.


Because creativity is a blessing that can at times feel like a burden, I created an online support group for creative geniuses who need a safe place to nurture their creative ideas.


My most recent project is called Dream Plan Create University. It is an online course that will help creative individuals stop postponing their dreams.


I am married to my high school sweetheart, and after all these years he still leaves me breathless. Consequently, I have been known to make him blush.


As parents of 6 beautiful and brilliantly gifted children, our home life is about as colorful and loud as the clothing I wear.


If you would like to join my support group for creatives simply search for "Dream Plan Create" on Facebook or click here.




Stop Write There remained in the Top 100 Best Selling Books in the Journal Writing Self-Help genre for three consecutive months. 


To find out what readers are saying about Stop Write There, log on to Amazon or click here. 


This interactive journal offers poetry, prose, and writing prompts to encourage you to create from a pure place. Sometimes all we need to pursue the desires of our heart is permission. Stop Write There not only offers you permission to proceed but encouragement to finish. 


If you are a lover of words and have an appreciation for God's word, Stop Write There is the book for you! 


For those of you who love words but don't have much margin to read, SWT is now available on as an audiobook. Let me read my book to you. "Listening is the new reading!"




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