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Reviews & Remarks

"When Toya speaks; her compassion, love and wisdom for people and seeing them achieve their greatness is evident. Her words convey the message that she cares for all and wants to see the best in others."  

-Dr. Emanuel Waddell Associate Dean of the College of Science , The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

"Simply put, Stop Write There is a must-read! This book brilliantly casts light on the shadows that hold us back from being the person God created us to be.  Thank you Toya for standing in His strength and shining your light. Stop Write There will give you the permission to shine and courage to fight the good fight. It is a masterpiece and will remind you that you are too! Beautifully written, captivating, encouraging and illuminating, there is no other book like this!"  


-Our City On A Hill

"Each time Toya Poplar speaks, it's bittersweet, simply because the sweetness of her wisdom can't be bottled.  So I'm excited about the next best thing, her wisdom in writing. "Stop Write There" will only be bittersweet because the book will eventually end. That's when I simply encourage you to flip to the beginning of the book and read again."


-Lisa McClendon-Brailsford

Singer, Speaker, Author

"This book will give you wings to fly, breath to breathe, courage to roar, and the wind to set sail.  Toya is one of my heroes of faith; her faith fuels mine, and it will fuel yours as well.  Fear tries to suffocate the creative within each one of us but SWT helped me overcome that fear with a refueled faith in my Creator, who does not make mistakes, and a recharged confidence in Christ who lives in me. The One who fashioned our every part still chooses to birth creativity in and through HIS children.  SWT is a beautiful archeological dig into our souls.  You will unearth treasures that are part of your unique God-given design and the world around you will be better for it."

~Katie Wilson, founder of the Lincoln Village Ministries’s “Freedom Writers"
"Get your highlighter ready! There are few people in the world who have a way with words like Toya Poplar. She is not only a smooth-tongued chief who knows how to articulate and present an idea fluently, creatively and eloquently, but her knowledge and understanding of truth and love flows straight from the purity and beauty of her heart and like a sword pierces right into yours. I am privileged to say she is one of my most treasured friends and I know firsthand that her passion and pursuit is to use her words to bring healing and life to others. I have been anticipating this book for almost a decade. I am extremely excited to share it with everyone I know because I know it will speak a seasoned word of encouragement and hope." 
-Beckah Shae, Singer-Songwriter
Stop Write There is a childhood dream fulfilled.  I have always enjoyed writing, but even beyond that, I love encouraging others to write. The message of this book/journal is not limited to writers.  It is a safe place to process emotions, Stop Write There receive godly counsel, renew one's mind, recover from past hurts, be fortified against offense and gain strength to keep fighting the good fight of faith.  
The poetry and prompts shared were written and realized during some of my darkest moments.  SWT is a cheat sheet, written to help you ace life's tests and rebound from emotional trials that attempt to hinder your heart and corrupt creativity.  It can be used as a 31 Day Devotional; it is perfect for writer's workshops, Bible studies, small groups, pastors, intercessory prayer teams and personal use.  
I welcome you to share your SWT journaling journey with me and others on social media by clicking the links below and including #stopwritethere or emailing me at I look forward to reading the overflow of your heart, thank you for reading mine.   
-Toya Poplar 
Author, Speaker, Poet
"Wow!!!  That is the only word that rightly divides this book, that is journal, that is your own voice and thoughts so eloquently expressed through Toya!!! She said what every woman, mother, sister, daughter wants to say, and to make it even sweeter, she allows or rather draws you to say it in your soul. God's thumbprint is all over this work. It has made me STOP WRITE THERE!!!"
-Pastor Glenda Gleaves Sutton Senior Pastor of Family Affair Ministries Fellowship Nashville ,TN 

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