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My Story to Your Story

From two language loving parents, a wordsmith was born. My first encounter with publication was in 1984 when my second-grade poem was published in my hometown newspaper the Muskegon Chronicle

A snowflake, 

Dancing with delight.

Dancing and prancing in the moonlight.

Something, something, something about a thrill . . .

That gave all the little children a chill.

Okay, I can't remember the rest of the poem, but let's just agree that for a seven-year-old, my poetic prowess was quite apparent.


Ten years later, my work was published in Editorial Cartoons by Kids 1994 (100 of the best editorial cartoons by kids in the nation.)  My senior year of high school, I was given a resolution from the Mayor of Muskegon for a play that I wrote and directed. I learned the key to successful writing as a child. You win by showing up. If you're ready to show up to reach your writing goal(s), schedule a Start "Write" Here coaching session.

This session is for the self-starter seeking a writing coach. It includes one online coaching session centered on your unique needs and a total of three accountability follow-up emails. Schedule a Start "Write" Here monthly session until you reach your personal writing goal. This service is for seasoned writers who know what they need to do but could benefit from a coach who will hold them accountable. Start "Write" Here coaching sessions feel more like professional playdates than work.

Sometimes extracting your book is a matter of being asked the right questions. If you need help assessing your writing needs, clarifying your book concept, determining a timeline, and help you determining a budget for your book.


Author & Ghostwriter

I am an accidental best-selling author. My debut book, Stop Write There spent three consecutive months in the top100 best-selling books category on Amazon. My published work can be read in Alabama Reckon women's column, and in the international devotional journal, Milk & Honey Women Volume 1. When I'm not crafting language for clients, you can find me creating content for fun on social media. 

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All prospective ghostwriting (book) clients must start with "13 Questions to Capture Your Book."


(Due to the high volume of requests this session does not guarantee acceptance as a long-term ghostwriting client.)

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