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My Story to Your Story

In 1984, my second-grade poem was published in my hometown newspaper the Muskegon Chronicle. 

A snowflake, 

Dancing with delight.

Dancing and prancing in the moonlight.

It gave all the boys and girls an exciting thrill.

And gave the air a crisp Winter chill.

Okay, I can't really remember the poem verbatim. Let's just agree that for a seven-year-old, my poetic prowess was pretty apparent. Ten years later, my work was published in Editorial Cartoons by Kids 1994 (100 of the best editorial cartoons by kids in the nation.)  The following year, I was given a resolution from the Mayor of Muskegon for a play that I wrote and directed. Perhaps you're wondering, "Why is this woman talking about her childhood accomplishments?" The answer is simple, I learned the key to successful writing as a child. You win by showing up.


Showing up is key. If you don't start you will never finish. That may sound overly simplistic, but it's true. Most of the times that I won awards or scholarships was not because I was so amazing, it was often because there were so few applicants. People like to win, but they don't always to apply. If you are ready to apply yourself so that you can achieve your goal, select the writing session that best suits your unique needs.

Start "Write" Here

This session is for the self-starter seeking a writing coach. It includes one online coaching session centered on your unique needs and a total of three accountability follow-up emails. Schedule a Start "Write" Here monthly session until you reach your personal writing goal.

(You have a project that is almost complete.)

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13 Questions to Extract Your Book

Sometimes extracting your book is a matter of being asked the right questions. If you need help assessing your writing needs, clarifying your book concept, determining a timeline, and help you determining a budget for your book.

(You know there is a book inside of you, but you don't know where to start.)

Start your week off W.R.I.T.E. is a safe space to

  • share your work

  • receive feedback

  • pick your preferred platform

  • create a timeline for your project

  • connect with other writers

  • gain feedback

  • spot potential problems

  • learn how to self publish

  • learn ways to effectively market your work

  • learn best practices for group participation

  • join a community of writers who share common goals

Start your week off W.R.I.T.E 4-Mondays)

November 6, 13, 20, & 27 at 5:30 am CST/ 6:30

Start your week off Write Intentions Towards Execution is an online group writing cohort. Only 6 slots available.



I am a best-selling author. My debut book, Stop Write There spent three consecutive months in the top100 best-selling books category on Amazon. I later released it on Audible and it ranked among some of my favorite authors, I was astounded. One of my client's books recently made it into the #1 best seller in it's genre for the 6th time. There is no feeling quite so gratifying as a ghostwriter, than to watch my client's success surpass my own.


My published work can be read in Alabama Reckon women's column, the Milk & Honey Women Volume 1. Women's Devotional and in Live Affirmed Magazine. When I'm not crafting language for clients, you can find me creating content for fun on social media or making stylish earrings.

Reasons to Hire A Ghostwriter

If you are an aspiring writer, but could benefit someone you trust to help you reach your writing goals, you are in the right place. Hiring me to help you write your book can save you time, which will allow you to focus on the things that matter most. 

I can help you create engaging content that is written in your voice that appeals to your audience. Why worry about researching, editing, and writing if you can hire me to make your ideas shine. I can help you reach your writing goal faster by mapping out an approach towards executing your project. Schedule a 13 Questions to Extract Your Book coaching session so that you can be one step closer toward reaching your goal.  

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All prospective ghostwriting (book) clients must start with "13 Questions to Capture Your Book."


(Due to the high volume of requests this session does not guarantee acceptance as a long-term ghostwriting client.)

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