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Gone are the days of sacrificing yourself to serve others who may never be satisfied because of their own dissatisfaction with themselves. If you're ready to stop allowing other people's brokenness to fracture your wholeness, book Toya to share from her top 20 self-care tips.

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Workshop Host

 Be seen, heard, and handled with care, while learning to do the same towards others. Invite Toya to teach your team how to become fluent in the language of empathy.




Teaching Artist & Facilitator

If you love lyrics, language and lounge wear, put on your Pajamas and prepare to snap.

Poetry in Pajamas is a place to renew your passion, feel your feelings, and make new friends

. . . all in the comfort of your pajamas.


Wifey Workshops

Instructor & Creator of W.I.F.E.Y. Method

Wifey teaches you to assess your current signal strength and gives you tool to have the best connection possible in your marriage.

Learn to pray for your husband spiritually, protect his heart emotionally, please him physically, and partner with him financially.


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Pretty On Purpose

Inspirational Speaker

Grief and gratitude can co-exist. Sometimes you can publicly crush a goal while privately struggling with emotions that are crushing your soul. Invite Toya to inspire your group to curate a life filled with contentment and purpose, even in the midst of ugly circumstances.


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Certified Enneagram Coach

Gain a basic understanding of the Enneagram. Learn how to discover your type and begin your self-awareness journey. In this workshop, Toya will walk alongside your group to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and others by sharing an overview of how all nine personality types interpret the world, manage their emotions and relate to one another.



Keynote Speaker

Choose Your Topic

Whether you are looking for a program guest, emcee, or keynote speaker, Toya crafts custom presentations that cater to the unique needs of your congregation or organization. If your group is large or small, she serves them all.


Each time she speaks, her goal is for the audience to receive what they need from God and what they don't know they need from each other. She accomplishes this by cultivating an environment that fosters dialogue and collaboration, rather than monologue and competition.


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