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For the wife or fiancée seeking to build her marriage on a firm foundation, nurture lasting love, and connect with her husband on a deeper level.

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Pre-recorded Wifey workshop sessions that consists of a small group of women who want to see each other succeed in their relationships. 

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Course Description

This course is for wives and engaged women who wish to make connection a priority, and healthier communication a reality. Here you will learn to stay connected to your husband in 4 tried-and-tested ways. And more importantly - how to study God’s Word in a way that speaks directly to you concerning your marriage.


Wifey workshop sessions consist of a small group of women who want to see each other succeed in their relationships. The interactive Wifey workbook includes stunning illustrations of Biblical women by coloring book artist, Trinity Poplar and space to record how to connect spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. 


Wifey is a study that will absolutely enhance and increase your connection with your husband. Toya takes you through four major areas of connection and I was deeply impacted on how much these areas are interrelated. You get to hear real life stories from other wives of how God has guided and blessed their marriage and also where He steered them back when they got off course. We've been married for 14 years and I've done marriage studies before but my eyes were opened to things in the Word I have never known before! I'm amazed at how changed I am in just 4 weeks!


Madison, AL

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