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This year I turned twenty, and I am not sure how to describe this feeling. I can no longer claim being a teenager, but I also don’t feel like a young adult just yet. Regardless, my birthday was so lovely this year. The next day my face hurt from smiling so much the day before! Even my baby cousin London wished me a happy birthday that I was not ready for. The entire day I felt so valued because I didn’t plan on doing anything for my birthday this year, but God had better plans! And he always does. Today, I received a letter in the mail from my Grandparents. The card is embroidered with a prayer, and it’s one I’ve got to share! It says:

Candles on your birthday cake,

Confetti in your hair,

Hugs and hopes,

And smiles and songs,

With laughter everywhere…

Moments made of miracles,

Special blessings too,

And knowing that,

You make God smile -

That’s my prayer for you!

My Grandparents are so generous, caring, and thoughtful. They are full of love to share. There is not one grandchild that they don’t forget to celebrate. It’s so nostalgic to receive a present from them year after year. Every Christmas and Birthday is met with a gift from the bottom of their hearts and they are humble to the core. Grandma’s fashion is always on point! She gives the best of hugs! And Grandpa’s laugh can brighten up the room. He also makes sure that his grandchildren are doing alright on a consistent basis. It is absolutely amazing to even think about all that they do. Grandpa is often motivated to capture the moment, and get pictures with his camera. Grandma is also so sweet and she has many stories to tell.

God is so good. His timing is incredibly perfect! And I wanted to add this post to the family blog because there are just no words to describe the blessing that my birthday felt like. All the wishes coming true without any magic, and a reminder of God’s love and his ways not being my ways. I also think that it’s time Grandma and Grandpa get the hot seat, because we all love them so, very, very much!!



". . . there are just no words to describe the blessing that my birthday felt like, all the wishes coming true without any magic."

Do you have any family birthday memories you would like to share? Please do so in the comments below.

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On October 23, 2020, I turned 18. Honestly, when I was younger, I used to dream about days when I would be 18 and able to drive and do my own thing. I even thought I would've been out of the house with my own place by this age when I was younger and I couldn't wait for the day. Later on in life, of course, reality hit and change my perspective of things. The reality is, I'm I'm not where I thought I would've been when I was younger, but that's perfectly okay because I love where I am.

I love who I am now and of course, there is time for me to change but I learned to be who I am in the moment because time really does fly. It's important that you enjoy who you are and where you are. I'm so thankful for my family and friends and the gift that God has blessed me with.

This year for my birthday, I didn't do the usual party or hang out with friends or go out to dinner. This year I decided to give a gift to myself and create a film. With the help of my friends I created, "Tales of the Forest." It was shot, edited, directed and produced by me, in one day. So of course, it's not perfect but I would love for you all to check it out on my "Mighty Miya Productions" YouTube channel.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join me on my film journey.

"It's important that you enjoy who you are and where you are."
-Amiya Poplar

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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

DIY is not a hobby, it's a way of life.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hey Everybody,

It's my turn to introduce myself on The Poplar Family blog. I'm Melvin, aka Proverbalist, better known as Dad to my six kids. I enjoy spending time with family, helping my wife and kids reach their goals, remodeling, appliances, doing car repairs, making music, and dreaming of my ultimate project.

Why Dadgineering

In general, the Lord has blessed the work of my hands. I seem to repair, build, or create something daily. Historically I have always made things. Even as a child, I used to build stuff. My dad would often say, "Boy, you gone be an engineer."

Technically Inclined

I was always taking something apart and figuring out how things worked. I continued to invent stugg in college and gained a reputation as a go-to person for robotics, car repair, invention ideas, or a haircut. Having a reputation for being technically inclined ultimately led to me getting a research scholarship that paid for my last year of college.

When Did You Start

My career after college has been computer science/engineering-based, covering several technical areas. Many people who would see my work over the years would ask me to build or repair something for them.

One at a time, requests kept coming, so I figured I would step out officially on a part time basis and see if I like it.

Word Travels Fast

Earlier this year I completed an attic conversion in my home. I built a bunk room that can accommodate an entire family. My wife shared some footage on Instagram and people started calling. The pandemic was the perfect time to launch. Everyone was home, naturally wanting to repair, renovate, or enhance their space. Since March, I've built everything from bookshelves to Murphy beds, and somehow became the bicycle repair guy in our neighborhood.

Home Improvements Start at Home

My wife enjoys adding things to her Honey Do List. I've crafted sofa sized frames, a farmhouse table, bookshelves, once I even built her a photography studio. I recently installed a gazebo that she practically lives in, and created a coffee bar. I've built bunk beds for my boys, desks for my girls, optimized closet spaces, and maximized our garage. Having a large family and a busy household gives ample opportunities to fix stuff.

Subscribe to my Dadgineering YouTube channel to see some of my repairs and projects.

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